Sutherland History

Grace Sutherland moved to Glendora as a young girl with her family in 1909 after her father purchased two orange groves (one in Glendora and one in Covina).  She served as Chairman of the local Toy Loan Center, President of the Glendora Historical Society, was an active member of the Women's Club and was curator of Glendora's Historical Society.

Miss Sutherland continued to correspond with the student and administration, made numerous donations to the school over the years.  She loved history and would come to visit with the students and pass along stories about the history of Glendora.


Sutherland Elementary School opened its doors in September 1962 with 9 teachers and 320 students, grades K-6, under the leadership of Principal Wayne Buck. 


In September 1963, the remainder of the school was completed and was dedicated in the name of Grace Sutherland on November 6, 1963 in a ceremony attended by Miss Sutherland and the entire student body. 


Since then, Sutherland has continued to be very successful in preparing Glendora's youth for the future.